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How do you stop a past that still haunts you rising up to threaten your future happiness?

Laura is heading home to help out at her parents’ hotel while her father is in hospital. Her boss, handsome, charming and confirmed bachelor Christopher Devereaux is with her. He’s hiding from ex-girlfriend Lucina, whose two brothers think he got her pregnant. Chris knows the truth, as does Lucina, but until until Lucina’s scans reveal the true timing of her pregnancy and let him off the hook, he needs to be out of reach of their anger.   

A part of Laura Champion’s job is sorting out Chris’s problems, but his frantic call to help him evade Lucina’s brothers surprises her. She’s his go-to-girl at the office, but this is the first time she’s been involved so deeply in his personal life. A life she dare not get too close to for fear she’ll fall for him even more than she already has, and become one of his conquests.

Not that he’d touch her with the proverbial barge pole if he ever discovered the truth about her past life.

Amazon review: 5 stars


Lovely writing style. Loved the romance and can't wait for the next instalment!

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