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   When two damaged people with every reason not to trust anyone meet, how will they cope when sparks fly and desire awakens?

   A traumatic incident caused by Emma’s ex-boyfriend Daniel means she is facing life with a disability. She has come to terms with it, but understands better than most how dangerous life can be if you let down your guard.

   Jared is still nursing a deep rage at Lauren, his ex-fiancée, for destroying his hopes and ruining his dreams. His bitterness festers as he tries to recapture what Lauren stole from him.

   Both are wary and suspicious, but gradually a bond forms that feels unbreakable. Only when Lauren reappears and uses treachery to try and ruin Jared and Emma’s budding romance, do they discover how much their past influences their future decisions, and how fragile their connection really is.

   To make their relationship work they both need to examine their hearts, understanding they are disturbing deep rooted fears that will cause ripples that will lead them into uncharted waters.

   For Emma and Jared it’s hard not to recall old wounds and whispered fears, real or imagined, but for their relationship to survive they must both learn to trust each other, and believe in the love growing between them.

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